Friday, May 28, 2010

Apple as new Tech lead outcrossing MicroSoft

Apple has emerged as the biggest technology company on 27th May 2010 on the basis of market capitalization. This is achieved by outcrossing the tech gaint Microsoft which held that position for decades. On the wednesday 05/27/2010, Apple market capatalization has reached 225.1 billion dollars with 1% increment of its share value. However, Microsoft was with a value of 222.7 billion dollars suffering 2.2% loss in the share value.
So, Here is something about Apple which was completely ignored before the launch of its amazing music player 'iPod'. Michael Dell ( the founder of DELL) had once advised Apple to close the company. Apple was facing such humiliation and touched almost the bottom of the market while Microsoft was moving up with good speed. But today, Apple stood as No 1 in the market under the leadership of 1 distinguishable man "Steve Jobs".


Steve Jobs has started the Apple Computers in 1976. A prototype of personal computer was launched during its first year of establishment with the name as 'Apple-1'. It has attracted many people and Apple got reputation too. When Apple when for public offer during 1980, People were eager to buy the shares. It had released macintosh PC (Mac) into the market with a good GUI and was well received by the market. Though Apple got its reputation, Jobs had clash with then CEO and had to leave Apple.

During 1986-1993, Apple had tried to launch digital cameras,CD players,Speakers and TV accesseries. However, it could not succeed. Its share value was decreasing and none of its effort was successful in bringing the company up.

Leadership of Steve Jobs:

Steve has undertaken the company's responsibility in 1997 and he focussed on restructuring the Apple products. iMac was released with new design which has amazed the people and was sold 800,000 pieces in just 5 months.

Revolutionary piece : iPod

2001 is a remarkable year for Apple. Apple has released its portable audio player called iPod which has attracted almost every music lover around the world. It has exponentioally increased the reputation of Apple.

new tablet computer: iPad

Apple has released a new tablet computer called iPad which was released in April 2010. Apple has sold 1,000,000 iPads by May3.[ A German company is launching a new tablet call weTab with features competing iPad. Need to wait to see the domination among these two]

Apple has changed its name in 2007 from 'Apple Computers' to 'Apple'. It is done with a fore sight about the future where the elctronic devices such as mobiles and music/video players would rule the market.

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