Sunday, May 9, 2010

100 ways to make money

Here are popular ways to make money on the internet. Some are free and some needs investment. I just wanted to give you the Ideas.

Here are some, which does not need investment. ( 1-23 )

1. Microsoft Research Panel: Microsoft pays you for providing feedback on their products. It helps them to make their business decisions and Microsoft is ready to pay for taking market opinion, which is nothing but You.

2. Mahalo Tasks:  You can earn money by completing the tasks such as writing an article on the specified topic. You will be paid $3-$4 per article or page that you write.
3. Amazon Mechanical Turk: Amazon pay you for doing simple tasks such as choosing the best category for a product etc.

4. Tutor: Get paid for providing online tuitions to the students.

5. SqipCom: This is a new messenger like Skype coming into the market and is ready to share their profits with their product users. You will be paid for using their messenger and for referring people to it.

6.Google User Research: Google pays you for participating in their user research studies.

7. Share A Pic:  It pays you for uploading and sharing pictures on their website. You should add the bidvertiser ad codes to the images that you upload and you will be shared the profit from the ads. The website looks impressive and it pays you for referrals and shares the referral earnings also.

8. Blogsvertise: This website pays you for writing articles about their products in your blogs or journals. This is to advertise their their products and you will be paid for it.

9.Smorty: Get paid $5-$100 per post on your blog about a product. Write your opinion and publish ads. The cost depends on your blog page rank and the number of visitors.

10. Blogitive: You will be paid for posting stories of your interest.

11.Review Me: Will pay you $20-$100 per a quality review.

12. Creative Weblogging: Write 7-10 articles for them per week and you will be paid $200.

13.Yahoo Research Panel: You cna earn money by participating in yahoo user research studies online.

14. Meta Cafe: Upload a video and earn money based on the views you receive on your videos.

15. Mylot: It is a community website. Pays you for participating in discussions and posts.

16.Amazon Affiliates: You can promote the amazon product and make commission up to 10% per sale.

17. Click Bank: Promote the products on click bank and you will be paid up to 75% commission on every sale.

18. Ebay Affiliate: Promote the products from eBay and make commission on every sale.

19. Commission Junction: Promote the products and services and earn commission.

20.Google Ad sense: It is a popular pay-per click program. You will be paid for ad clicks.

21. Hubpages: Write articles on hub pages. hub pages shares the profit they gain from your articles.

22. RevTwt: Make money by posting cool ads as your tweets on twitter. You can earn good income if you have good number of flowers.

23. Freelancer: Find a freelancer online job and get paid for your work.

Here are some, which needs investment.

24. Forex Trading:  This idea is about trading with currency. You need to invest money in buying one currency and sell it out when the price goes up for the currency. you can work as an affiliate also at forex-affiliate.

25. Domain Reselling: You can buy the domain names with keywords which you think would be popular in the coming future. Ex: , etc. Sell them after 1 or 2 years in public auction. One domain name costs at max $15 per year and so can be started with less investment.

26. Sell websites: Don't worry. You don't need to know programming. Do proper google keyword research  and think of an idea for a website. Hire a developer at and build it. Then sell the website in public auction. (Or) Buy required softwares and web templates to build the site if you have programming touch and make websites. When you buy the software and template, you can use them for any number of websites that you make just by changing the colors and designs.

27. Buy websites: Buy a new/established website in public auction at Flippa and make income with it. Once you buy the website, you need to do enough work to make your site popular. You need to host your website once you buy it. You can look at Hostgator which provides good support.

28. Reseller Hosting: The concept of reseller hosting is that you will be buying hosting space from an original web hosting company and then you will be selling the hosting to other people. You can have your own billing system and everything. The original company provides support to your customers. So, you will be virtually owning a web hosting company. But you need to ensure that you select a good web hosting service, else you loose customer. check here to see my suggestion. It provides 24X7 support.

( I will be updating this post with more detaills, please check again)

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