Monday, May 24, 2010

A short history of 3D movies

When people came out of theatres after watching the movie 'Avatar', thay said "we were not watching it. We were feeling it". The movie is taken so wonderful that it hit the box office records like no other movie did so far. This movie is a key point for the discussions on the 3D around the world in the recent days. The craze for 3D has reached to such an extent that we are seeing 3D TVs,cameras.
We will be seeing 3D news papers and live programs in near future. So, here I wanted to share how this crazyness has started.
              The effects of 3D that I saw so far are in  movies only. But what is the different between a normal 2D and 3D movie ? It is not just the 3D glasses. :)
        Ofcourse, that is one of the differences.But the actual difference is the number of dimensions of the picture. In 2D, we see only length and breadth of the picture. But in 3D, we see the depth of the picture too. These pictures will be taken with special cameras. Here we see 2 pictures actually and the 3D glasses are used to merge the 2 pictures into a single one.
The first 3D camera was invented in Scotland and it is the beginning of experiments on 3D. The thoughts about 3D had come in the late 90's of 19th century itself. In 1890, a movie was played on 2 different screens playing next to other. The audience were given special glasses to watch the movie and they were thrilled by the experience. They felt like everything is happening around them. That was the first 3D movie played.
The next movie on 3D was 'The power of Love' which was built in 1922.This was the first movie played on a single camera taken with 2 cameras.
some interesting news here:
1. The first 3D news paper will be out on June 6th,2010 by 'The Sun' ( News paper in Briton).
2. An estimate says that 3D TVs take a share of 22% out of all the TVs that will be sold in 2014.

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