Wednesday, May 5, 2010

SQIPcom - A challenge to Skype ?

As we all know already, Skype is a messenger that provides features to call people such as to their computer or landline. It allows us to make the calls for free or for very less charge. Though there are many other messengers we use, Skype has a remarkable place as it integrates with telecom services. Can we imagine another messenger with much more enhanced features of skype ? A messenger which you can use for chatting, calling, playing games ,sharing music,desktop sharing,conducting webinar sessions and lot more. All these in one single messenger. Can't it be another revolution on internet ?
                       A new product named Sqipcom is about to be launched into the market which offers all this features in a single messenger. With all these features, It would compete with many other products on the internet, not just the skype.
                     As per the Sqipcom website, The messenger is integrating with telecom services to allow the national, international calls at a cheaper rate. click here to see the features.
                   As this giant product is about to hit market, The Sqipcom team wanted to promote it as affiliate program. This program is to get the people to use the product and at the same time to share the profit with the affiliates. The sign up is free for the program and so you can continue with no issues.

Here are some of the program features:
1. You get flat 1 euro whenever your referral sign up for their telecom services plus 0.50$ for every top up they buy.
2. You gain 0.05$ whenever your referral launches the messenger.
3. The referral down line is up to 10 levels.

So, even if you refer 5 people, you end up having a minimum of 10,000 referrals under you which allows you to make good money out of it. As this product is at early stage and considering its features, It has huge potential to grow and so are you. So, sign up Now !
        As per the Sqipcom bulletin news, A 7 day free trial will also be provided to use their telecom services. This is a part of the product promotion.

"The chance of your success in any field depends on how early you get in to it". So don't delay.

Be a part of another mega success of internet like Google, Ebay, Youtube.

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