Friday, May 28, 2010

Apple as new Tech lead outcrossing MicroSoft

Apple has emerged as the biggest technology company on 27th May 2010 on the basis of market capitalization. This is achieved by outcrossing the tech gaint Microsoft which held that position for decades. On the wednesday 05/27/2010, Apple market capatalization has reached 225.1 billion dollars with 1% increment of its share value. However, Microsoft was with a value of 222.7 billion dollars suffering 2.2% loss in the share value.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Google shares its formula for Adsense revenue share.

Google has published its revenue sharing method for google Adsense on adsense blog.
Google has mentioned about the 2 popular searches only. They are Adsense for content and Adsense for search.
     Adsense for content publishers earn a 68% revenue share from the ads that their visitors click on. It means 68% of the revenue that Google collects from advertisers is given to publishers.
  Revenue from 'Adsense for search' is shared as 51:49 between the publishers and Google.
   Google also offers adsense for mobiles,feeds and games. However Google is not ready to disclose it. Google says that they are still evolving and google is learning about the costs associated for supporting them.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A short history of 3D movies

When people came out of theatres after watching the movie 'Avatar', thay said "we were not watching it. We were feeling it". The movie is taken so wonderful that it hit the box office records like no other movie did so far. This movie is a key point for the discussions on the 3D around the world in the recent days. The craze for 3D has reached to such an extent that we are seeing 3D TVs,cameras.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Explore the Moon - Just like Google Earth

Hey, Here is an interesting website through which you can explore the moon surface just like google earth. It is . Just create an account to launch a new and attractive interspace to view the surface of the Moon. The tool offers lot of features such as Marking interesting features etc. You can see the surface from a distance of 50 CM. You have option to zoom and view it more clearly. So, go and explore.

Ubuntu 10.04 - An open source Operating system.

Open Source, the root of revolutionary changes in software field and on internet. Now a new operating system has come in to the field. And that is "Ubuntu 10.04". This is developed by open source software experts around the world. It can be used as an alternative to Microsoft windows. Speed,entertainment and easy inter space are its special features. Web browser, office tools, Media applciations, Instant Messenging are some of the applications which are already included in this operating system.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Justin Bieber OR Justin Beiber ? value of a misspell.

I saw a domain name auction today which was quite interesting. The sale is for the domain name . As per the seller, this domain name was bought in 2008 and no development is done for the site and is parked free with google adsense. But still it has achieved a google page rank of 3 and with a monthly income of $1,000. What is the magic ?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

100 ways to make money

Here are popular ways to make money on the internet. Some are free and some needs investment. I just wanted to give you the Ideas.

Here are some, which does not need investment. ( 1-23 )

1. Microsoft Research Panel: Microsoft pays you for providing feedback on their products. It helps them to make their business decisions and Microsoft is ready to pay for taking market opinion, which is nothing but You.

2. Mahalo Tasks:  You can earn money by completing the tasks such as writing an article on the specified topic. You will be paid $3-$4 per article or page that you write.

WeTab (WePad) - an Android device to compete iPad

WePad, an android tablet developed by a Germany company, considered to be competing with iPad has changed its name from wePad to weTab.The company states the reason for this change is to clearly distinguish their products in the international market for touchscreen computers ( tablet computers).
   WeTab was announced in mid-April. The device runs a version of Linux and s desinged to play games, read e-books and surf through the internet.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Town In The Middle Sea, Mont Saint Michael

I got these pics from one of my friends and they look amazing. So, I am sharing on my blog. The city is in france and its population is 41 as per wikipedia.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

SQIPcom - A challenge to Skype ?

As we all know already, Skype is a messenger that provides features to call people such as to their computer or landline. It allows us to make the calls for free or for very less charge. Though there are many other messengers we use, Skype has a remarkable place as it integrates with telecom services. Can we imagine another messenger with much more enhanced features of skype ? A messenger which you can use for chatting, calling, playing games ,sharing music,desktop sharing,conducting webinar sessions and lot more. All these in one single messenger. Can't it be another revolution on internet ?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A tool to find page indexing - Chrome SEO

Here is one of the SEO tools I have come across in recent days. It is Chrome SEO, a free google chrome plugin to find the page indexing of a website in various search engines.It is easy to use and a good one to get free information on page indexes, backlinks, traffic rank, book marks etc.