Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 - An open source Operating system.

Open Source, the root of revolutionary changes in software field and on internet. Now a new operating system has come in to the field. And that is "Ubuntu 10.04". This is developed by open source software experts around the world. It can be used as an alternative to Microsoft windows. Speed,entertainment and easy inter space are its special features. Web browser, office tools, Media applciations, Instant Messenging are some of the applications which are already included in this operating system.
There are other editions also offered apart from desktop edition such as Ubuntu 10.04 Notebook Edition, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server Editions. The inter space is designed to fit for the notebooks.

Desktop is different:

The Obuntu desktop looks different frfom windows desktop. When the installation is done, a taskbar will appear at the top of the screen. Applications,Places,System,Browsing icons and system tray would appear on the taskbar. You can click on 'Appliations' to open any program. This works just like the 'Start' button in Microsoft windows. If you want to explore the system, select the 'Places' which opens the drop down menu. It shows Home Folder,Desktop,Music,pictures,computer( Windows 'My Computer' would appear as 'Computer' in ubuntu.).


The open source browser, Firefox is added as the default browser in Ubundu. To install more open source browsers,'Ubuntu software center' is developed. It can be considered as a repository or directory of open source softwares. The softwares can be searched under different sections such as Education,Games.Programming,Office,Sound and Video.

Open office:

Ubuntu comes with an open source office application called 'Open Office'. This has every feature that competes with Microsoft office.If you are a music fan, you can download the songs from 'Ubuntu One Music Store'.You can upload your favorite songs and listen any where using 'Ubuntu one fine sharing'.
Ubuntu allows you to copy camera,Mobile and USB drives very easily.

Your data is safe:

A special service is availabel to backup your data and to access it anywhere. That is called 'Ubuntu One'. You can create a free account and upload your important files and can access anywhere.You can upload Bookmarks,Contacts,Music,Documents and pictures. You get a free space of 2 GB to upload your stuff. You can save 1000 phone numbers from Iphone and Android.

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