Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wordpress - To make websites

Wordpress is a Content Management System which provides almost every possible widget to make a website, even for a person with no knowledge of programming. Thanks to all the developers working round the world for developing such an excellent plugins for it.
Now I want to tell about the plugins I used for my website which made my work easier and about the features and I wanted but could not find yet.

Basically my Idea was to have blog aggregator for all my friends websites to read them at one place like a kind of RSS reader. but I wanted it on the web so that all of our friends can read and also can be shown to others easily. I had my wordpress hosted on a server and so got enough space to play with plugins. we can not get all these features if we do it on directly on
The plugin that helped me a lot in accomplishing what I wanted is 'wp-o-Matic'. This plugin is a cool one to read RSS feeds from specified blogs and can be auto run. I had to struggle a bit with the regular expressions for images and for customizing the post. But at the end, everything came out good.
Another plugin I used for the same cause is 'feed-wordpress'. This plugin is also a cool one to use. But I had some problems while reading the RSS feeds with no images in the post. It showed an empty image tag in the post html and shows as an unloaded image when the post is published. But if you are sure about an image in the post, this plugin is pretty good to use.
These two plugins have their own distinctive and unique features. 'feed wordpress' creates the tags as present in the RSS post where as 'wp-o-matic' can not do it. However 'wp-o-matic' has feature which allows us to define the post template for feeds which I used to back link to the source blog. This feature is not there in the 'feed wordpress'. I wish to get a plugin which includes the features of both plugins.
Now I want to mention about the major problem I faced with 'wp-o-matic'. That is duplicate posts. I have got lot of duplicate posts in to my website after running these plugins. But unfortunately I could not find a solution to it and no news from the plugin team too.
I looked for a alternative and fortunately I got one. It is not a plugin to post the feeds. it is to delete the duplicate feeds. I do not remember the plugin name precisely. But it is almost like 'delete duplicate post'. I installed the plugin and set the autorun option. It will delete the posts by comparing the post titles. It keeps the first copy and deletes the rest. This made my life easy and my website is running fine now.

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