Friday, April 23, 2010

Keyword research and SEO tool (SEnuke)

Ever since I wanted to make my own remarkable place on Internet, I searched for huge number of options to make money or to promote my own products. I was doing this exercise from last 3 years and could not succeed until I understood the concept of key word promoting and keyword research.

SEnuke Complete Marketing Software         My earnings for last 3 years never exceeded more than 100$ a month. I was keep on promoting my products in the traffic exchanges.Everyday I come home and look if any sale is made and disappointed 90% of the time. The reason being, the people in the traffic exchanges  run through your webpage just to get another cent or another visit to your website rather than concentrating on the content of your website. And so is the reason for your webpage not to be bookmarked though I has very good intersesting,valuable or a key point of benifit. The visitor may not find content for his interest within the 15-20 seconds of spinner time. And so I wanted to rule out the option of marketing through traffic exchanges which just brings hits to my pages and not sales.
         The next option I looked was to be on top of famous search engines for a particular keyword. This takes time and research to make it happen as you will be competing in a world that proves its existance for every possible word or phrase in thesaurus. So what are your chances of success when you are starting your business now ? How do you compete for a word with a 10 million searches per day. You need pretty expertise to do it. If not, you can use a SEO tool which can help you with it.
  •    SEnuke: I personally started use SEnuke, the powerful SEO tool for finding keywords to compete and to promote my products easily. It works great for any person. No experience is actually required.
     SEnuke features:

  1.   Niche Ideas from lot of affiliate marketing sites such as amazon,ebay,google etc.
  2.   Publishing to number of networking sites with very less effort.
  3.   Marketing with Videos.
  4.   Marketing with RSS
I suggest this tool than any other online gurus who claim to be million makers.

You can try it out. They offer 7 day free trial. If you do not like it, You can cancel your subscription. But you would surely like it.

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  1. For any affiliate marketer or a website owner who wants to rank well in the search engine he has to target a good keyword. To do that manually it is very tedious. Using senuke will definitely relieve some 85 to 95 % of the hard work i suggest senuke. Good post by the blog owner i appreciate this.
    From imeye i suggest senuke to all.