Monday, June 7, 2010

Experience with Opera 10.53 web browser

It is very long since I switched to Firefox and Google Chrome. But yesterday I wanted to see what is new with my earlier browser and so installed Opera 10.53 browser. It is pretty awesome. Any web page loads really fast and to my experience it is faster than Google Chrome. Even the Google sites such as gmail, adsense,orkut seem to load very fast.
                    It has option to switch between Mobile and web theme for blogs which have mobile themes installed.
I liked some of the features which I listed here.
1. Web page can be zoomed up to 300%.
2. One integrated web search to search in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and shopping sites such as Amazon and Ebay. I liked it as I don't need to install yahoo tool bar again.
3.Speed dialing for recent history. ( ofcourse it is there is chrome too)
4. A special feature called Opera turbo to load the web page faster. This is at the cost of distorting the graphic images but can be used when images does not matter to us.
5. A side panel window with links to the favorites, widgets, notes and opera unite.

6. Widget area allows us to add new widgets from the opera such as to make a 'to do list', 'video downloader'. All these widgets are in no way less to actual softwares I use on my computer.
7. Opera Unite. This gives access to additional features such as File sharing, Media player, Messenger and photo sharing etc.
This browser is giving so many features that I do not have to use any other software on my laptop to work.

It looked to me like a beta version of Google Chromium. Chromium is a browser based operating system under development and is an open source project.

A video on chromium can be found here.
I didn't use chromium so far but opera is giving a idea of how it would be.

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